Best outdoor logo projectors how can you choose one?

Outdoor signage is one of the most effective marketing tools, but most businesses can’t afford to have it created.
But today I am going to show you some affordable option available,


How to choose a Gobo projector for outdoor building projection mapping?

I wanted you to understand the basic concept of projection mapping of building, in this blog, I covered all aspects that we have to consider before choosing one!

1. Projection Surface: Modern buildings have so many types of surfaces for front elevations like Masonry walls, Wooden coating, Natural stone cladding, and the major part is Concrete in all these surfaces projection effect will be good, One more major problem is with the glass enclosures will have less clarity, Use better colors for your artwork to match the surfaces.

25w outdoor logo projector

2. Projection Distance: Distance plays an important role in projection size , How? There are different types of lenses used! ill explain in another blog, For example, if we use a 1:1 lens we will get a larger image ratio for the distance we kept from the logo projector,


Logo projector gobo projector with lens

3. light ambiance: The most important aspect to get good clarity and effect is to choose the place where we have fewer lights affecting the projection surface, if other lights were used it will make the projection lesser effective, its Good to avoid direct lights or we can DIMM other lights to get a better effect from the gobo projector.

gobo manufacturer


Conclusion: Create an artwork based on the surface color, place the projector where you get correct surface coverage, reduce other lights and choose higher watts to get more clarity

300w Large Outdoor projector

300W Gobo projectors are the cheapest outdoor projectors,

Where you get the most value for your money, you may ask how?


If you keep this projector @ 20 feet distance from the projection surface you will get around 24 feet diameter of the image, 

for the same cost your have spent a large amount of investment just cove the area, 

most of the time led displays play images not even videos in outdoor signage.

Cons: But make sure it’s in minimal lighting conditions, other lights directing towards the projector light or the projection surface will affect the quality of the image 

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