What is a Logo projector and how it is useful for your business?

What is a Logo projector ?

Logo projectors adopted a simple technology, Which has an Led light inside with a lifespan of 50000 hours which will last up to 5 years, we will place an image printed glass in front of the led which pass the light through glass and enlarge the image using 4 layers of high definition lenses which helps to project the images or designs onto walls, floors or any surface you want.

what is logo projector ?
logo projector for branding

How it is useful for your business?

When it comes to business we all look into increase the sales in many ways, we display ads in all possible ways to attract the customers But ask this question to yourself
do you see all ads on the roads or in shopping malls?

Most of the time we don’t see ! unless it’s an eyecatcher, our brains will process the images or ads only when you feel the experience of the ads, can you connect now?

that’s why all brands invest so much money in showrooms and marketing campaigns to give the customers an unforgettable experience only then brands are recognized as brands,

there are very few digital signage solutions that give the customers the experience and convey the message that you wanted to tell you, customers,

Yes, you are right, Gobo projectors or logo projectors or advertising projectors whatever you call it! it’s one of the best experience creator in the signage solutions available at the fraction of the cost we spend in Led displays which no one cares about!

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