3d hologram fan video wall in india mumbai

Events are specially making it more special is difficult now, event managers doing crazy things to satisfy their clients some may out of ideas!

what if! Do you have a technology that makes your clients come back for more?

Yes! 3d hologram fan displays have a special power! I’m not kidding! 

let me explain to you more about this! by asking 2 questions

Why? & How?


Why choose a 3d hologram fan display over other display equipment used in events?

3d hologram fans are versatile in many ways assembling and disassembling is easier than you think, so practically you can create a hologram display in 30 minutes anywhere, Hologram fan display gives the audience an immersive experience compared to standard displays,

can we Make our own size hologram?

Yes, we can make human size hologram display or make a huge display that can fit your imaginary world in one stretch,

WHY? Easy to use – Immersive – customizable!

How we can create a different experience every time customers book us for the event ?

3d hologram fan LEDs can produce trillion colors, so we have trillion ways to show the products and services every time – let me explain!

It Is very simple, creating a 3d content for each event will give clients a refreshing experience, creating 3d content might not be easy but there’s an opportunity to earn a passive income by creating 3d hologram content for your existing clients,

Investing in 3d hologram fans might be difficult for companies and event managers, so I suggest they take rent from existing suppliers so that they can test it, before going for full purchase.

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