Logo Projector in india

how to install logo projector lights ?

You are in the right Spot we will tell you exactly how to install a logo light or gobo lights,

Step 1: Choosing the right spot


how to install gobo light ?


To choose the right spot for your projector keep these in your mind, Light exposure from other lights will affect the image quality, it will not be visible if lights are directed towards the projection surface or kept opposite to the gobo light, so using the gobo projectors in a minimal lighting condition is very important to get the maximum effect of your content,
secondly, the safety of your projector, keeping it under the sunshade will increase the protection from the harsh weather conditions even though the projector is IP67 rated with an aluminum body keeping it in a shaded place will increase the life and working capacity of a projector, that’s not all ! we need to adjust Correct angle, height, and distance of the logo light, please read the full post!

Step 2: Adjusting the right Angle of your projector

how to set up gobo lighting


Angle is very important to get a round shape, but in some places, we couldn’t get an excate circle it’s okay !! buzz your content will not look bad even though it’s a little oval-shaped, we can design the gobo glasses content specifically to match the oval shape, if your content is going to have small text and more details then keeping it in the correct angle is very important, We have more than 100 + designs to increase the aesthetic look of your building or park these contents are not affected much with angles !

step 3: Correct height and distance


We also need to decide the correct height to get the desired content size, Yes it’s not a digital projector its works exactly like a light with an image slide in front of it, so we have to keep that in mind while choosing the place for the projector, the distance between the wall and the projector determines the size of your content on the surface, for example, if you keep the projector 5 meters away from the wall then the content size will be 5 ft diameter. it varies depending on the lens we choose this is a normal 1:0.1 lens. I will explain more about the different lenses used in the gobo projector in another post.

Step 4: Installation


Before mounting the gobo or logo lights, make sure gobo glass is properly placed inside, for 100w or 80w multi gobo projector will have a magnet ring holders to keep the gobo glasses in place, Topside of the glass should face the lights inside and secure it with the metal ring given for normal projectors, gobo glasses are easily breakable so please handle it carefully while installation.