3d Hologram fan software free download all Fans

Most of the hologram fan software is not working properly or you might lost the SD card, So here is the list of software that might help you ….

1.384Led 43cm 
2.388Led 43cm
3. 224Led 42cm 
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  1. 384 LEd 42/43cm Hologram Fan display software

Once Downloaded Please follow the steps
Step 1: Download Zip file

Step2: Unzip File

Step 3: Open File

Step 4: Go to last file – WL384灯_led

Step 5: Click – WL384灯_led

Step 6: Add picture Or Video File MB Less Than 10Mb

Step 7: Crop the Pic or Video with a given Round circle

Step 8: Click transfer Wait for 100%

Step 9: Repeat Step 7 and 8 to Add More Pic or Video Upto 10 Files

Step 10: Final step Click Download and save in memory card

Please Watch the video for more details 

2.384Led 43cm 3d Hologram fan display software – 2nd Software 
If incase the 1st software is not working for you please try this one!

388Led 43cmhow to use hologram fan software